What’s the Best Radar Detector for the Money? Top 8 Revealed

Radar Detector

While we encourage all our readers to obey local driving laws and stay safe on the roads, many small towns use speed traps to raise revenue. The best way to know when a speed trap is lying in wait is with a radar detector. These…

Whats the Best GPS Watch for Runners? Top 9 Revealed

man running and wearing the best gps watch for runners

Before the rapid growth of technology, runners used paper maps and charts to plan their route. If the trail was a relatively new one, they had no way of tracking their progress or pinpointing their location. But as technology progressed, gadgets like a GPS watch…

Are Radar Detectors Legal To Use or Not?

Would you like to avoid getting speeding tickets? Ever thought of getting a radar detector? Well, once you learn where are radar detectors legal, then you can start saving your money on tickets. Radar detectors have been available for many years and follow different trends…

What’s The Best Motorcycle Radar Detector? Top 6 Revealed

radar detector

What’s The Best Motorcycle Radar Detector? Top 6 Revealed There is no difference in the method of operation for automotive or motorcycle radar detectors. However, motorcycle owners have a couple of extra logistical hurdles to tackle in installation and use. The industry has taken strides…

10 Devices Every Gear Head Should Have

Devices Every Gear Head Should Own

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What’s The Best Radar App For Android? Top 10 Revealed

hand on mobile phone with the best radar app for android

If you are a speed enthusiast, then this article is what you need to ensure that you do not get in trouble with traffic officers. The article seeks to identify the best radar app for Android so that users can get a device that is…