About Us

Welcome to https://www.radardetector-guides.net , a site dedicated to helping you stay in the good books of the highway patrol police. But first thing first, I’m Danny Williams, a speed junkie who’s had his fair share of bad days with the patrol cops.

See, I have a thing for speed, but I discovered a clever way to keep off the speeding ticket – and I started this website to help you do the same – without spending loads of cash. On this site, I let you in on radar detectors and why these little nuggets are a must have if you want to avoid getting flagged down for over speeding.

Sure, I know that you must have heard of radar detectors but I’m bringing you a fresh perspective. Did you know, for instance, that police are now using radar guns that can detect whether you’re texting while driving? And then there’s the lethal digital Ka-band radar that can detect your driving speed within a distance of 1,000 meters.

I review in detail the most in-demand detectors and what makes them blink. I also try to find answers to the most common questions regarding radar detectors. Put differently, this is a one-stop shop for everything radar detectors and police radar guns.

My mission at https://www.radardetector-guides.net/ is to equip you with helpful tidbits to drive safe, smart and protected. Once in a while, I seek the input of Rob Swan my fellow petrol head and former highway patrol cop. He’s a talented chap, who seems to know what’s happening in the radar detectors world and what to look forward to in the future.

Other than that, the team behind https://www.radardetector-guides.net/ is an able one, ready to answer your queries to your full satisfaction. So, hop in, let’s enjoy the ride together! Now, there’s no more speeding ticket – not with us around!