Using American Radar Detectors Around the World?

A lot of you guys living overseas (all across Europe and in Saudi Arabia are the most common locations) have been asking me about which radar detector is best for your area. Which radar detector I’d recommend for your country. Unfortunately I can’t tell you that and what I have to share regarding American radar detectors and radar guns does not apply to your country. My recommendations only apply to the US and Canada. Here’s a few of the biggest key differences regarding what drivers experience around the world:

Why Things Are Different for Radar Detectors Outside the United States:

• Around the world, police use radar guns that American radar detectors simply can not detect. The radar guns operate on different frequencies, use very fast POP radar, or be very low powered and require specialized detection hardware, etc.

• In other countries you have choices for radar detectors that we don’t have.

• American radar detectors are often not available for sale around the world.

• You have international firmware versions for many detectors that we have that can completely change the performance and capabilities of a detector so it may be very different than the American version of the same detector we use.

• Your laws regarding radar detectors are very different.

• Different speed measurement tools such as point to point cameras, laser systems, license plate readers, etc. are used so you’ll need additional / different tools.

• Sometimes a better solution may be to use an app that alerts you to fixed speed monitoring locations instead of or in addition to a radar detector.

• Radar detectors with GPS designed for your area will typically include a database of speed zones for your area. American radar detectors will not have this.

• So in short, if you live outside the US or Canada, I am not a good resource for you unfortunately, my detector recommendations and recommended settings are not going to work for you, and you’re really better off reaching out to someone who is familiar with your country, what radar detectors are best for your area, and you particular driving requirements.

• I’d love to be able to help you, but unfortunately that is not my specialty and what I have to share based on what we experience here in the US will not apply to you.

If you guys know of some excellent resources including websites, forums, youtube channels, and so forth, please let me know down in the comment area. I’d love to be able to offer you guys something helpful, point you in the direction of someone who can provide more info, or even do some research myself and share what I’ve found with you, but currently all of my videos and articles apply to the US and Canada only.

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